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    Fix My Back Disc

    My back is doing very well. It's been 4 weeks since the procedure on my L3-L4 and L4-L5 herniated discs and I still have no pain at all.

    I have attached the links to the two procedures done on me. I have also attached Dr. Romo's email address too for when you are ready to contact him for more info or to book.   info@fixmybackdisc.com

    To recap what i told you what I did:
    Booked for two weeks in Puerto Vallarta  Arrived Tuesday afternoon. Met Dr. Porto and Dr. Romo Wednesday at 11am and discussed everything for an hour. This includes the procedures etc. The Ozone therapy cleans, oxygenates and shrinks the hernia's from the outside and really prepares the hernia for the Discogel as that increases the volume slightly.
    By noon, I was on the table receiving 2 Ozone injections (1 per disc). The only pain felt was the prick of the needle for the local freezing and then pressure as the Ozone goes in. Dissipated in about 20 minutes and took a cab back to the hotel. $4-$5 dollars for 3km.

    Thursday Noon, same routine with walking to the Hospital and taking a cab back.
    Friday Noon, same thing.
    Saturday Noon, same thing.
    Sunday off.
    Monday Noon, same thing.
    Tuesday Noon, same thing.
    Wednesday off.
    Thursday Noon, same thing.

    Friday 8am went to a different hospital for the use of the CT Scan to inject the Discogel directly into the hernia's. This took about 1 hour for the procedure and is similar to the Ozone treatments for discomfort. The reason it takes longer is due to the step by step procedure to insure getting the needle into the hernia at the right angle and depth. You basically lie on your stomach, CT takes a bunch of pictures, freeze the local area but a little deeper freeze, partially insert the Discogel needle, take more pictures to ensure the right angle and repeat this until it is time to penetrate the hernia. Needle goes in, Discogel inserted, more pictures taken, remove the needles and lie there for about 10 minutes or so. Because entry was done on my right side, the right leg was basically weak from the freezing and you really cannot bare weight. You will need to be helped to sit, get into a wheel chair, helped into the car, helped into the wheel chair at the hotel and you will need help to get from your wheel chair to the bed. This is where you need to be flat for 24 hours and only getting up to go to the washroom with help. The next 6 weeks you need to be very careful as the Discogel is still working to dehydrate the disc from the inside. Important rules include no lifting, no bending, no twisting of your spine, no chiropractor, no flexion or extension of the spine, no physio (other than specific pilates that you will get when you book the instructor in PV). For me, I started the Pilates right away and did it for about 1 hour once to twice a day at home. By week 2, I was doing it 2-3 times per day plus going to a Pilates instructor to incorporate more exercises with and without their machines and still maintaining a natural curve to the spine without bending backwards or forwards.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask away and I will be glad to help where I can.
    Thank you, Michael B.

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