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  • Procedure - Herniated Back Disc Treatment

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    The resuspension of the metallic contrast agent must be homogeneous at the time of its injection. Kit allows intervention on two discs (one needle and one syringe per disc). It is necessary to agitate the vial vigorously. It is possible to use to use an outlying rotary agitator.

    The quantity of DISCOGEL® injected by disc varies between 0,2 and 0,8 ml, according to the dimension of disc and extent of the hernia. A syringe of 1mL is provided so that any of these injection volumes is possible. A needle is inside the kit to withdraw DISCOGEL® from its vial. It is necessary to undertake the filling of the syringe as shown on the photo here above.

    Injected gel must be homogeneous at the time of its injection. Kit allows possibly intervening on two discs (a syringe by disc).
    For the curious persons about the procedure, we filmed two types of intervention in real conditions. Only needles are requested to use the product with this technology; this is why this procedure is said minimally - invasive.

    Two types of Interventions were filmed so you could see how Discogel is injected in real conditions. Only needles are used, no surgery no back surgery recovery, basically an outpatient procedure with a quick recovery; this is why this procedure is minimally - invasive.
    The patients are all conscious and the practitioner explains the actions he is performing on each patient directly.

    Cervical herniated disc treated with DISCOGEL®
    Young athlete: champion of triple jump which took back normally its physical activities after the treatment. Note the regression of the hernia.

    Thoracic herniated disc treated with DISCOGEL®
    Military person who had a traumatism during a bad fall with a consecutive thoracic disc hernia. This person is back in his professional activities. Note that despite persistence of a “shape of protrusion” watchable on imagery, the patient after one month was asymptomatic (lost his pain).
    Exclusive disc hernia in a lumbar level of spine treated with DISCOGEL®
    Note that at 3 months after injection of DISCOGEL®, the patient already was asymptomatic. (no pain) 4 years after injection the height of the disc remains stable: no vertebral collapse occurred.

    A: Disc herniation with nerve root compression.
    B: Discogel injection into the nucleus pulposus of the prolapsed disc.
    C: Beginning contraction of nucleus pulposus and disc herniation with partial relief of nerve root and pain relief.
    D: Complete retraction of disc prolaps with complete relief of nerve root.

    Diagnostic and MicroTherapeutic Procedure for Disc Herniation
    To assure optimal treatment results, diagnostic work-up, indication for treatment and actual therapy are carried out in an interdisciplinary fashion by a team of Radiologist, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Neurologists and Anaesthetists who do the following:
    1.Medical history-taking and re-view of medical records from other institutions (patients should bring all already existing medical records with them).
    2.Special MRI-diagnostics, which also requires an axial load Neurological diagnostic work-up, if necessary, a Diagnostic micro-therapy with local anesthesia of the irritated nerve root for precise identification of the source of the complaints.
    3.A Treatment with Discogel in combination with a series of Ozone therapy. Follow-up MRI is done postop after the procedure.

    The treatment with Discogel takes between 20 to 40 minutes and is carried out under local anesthesia. Additional general relaxation of the patient during the treatment is effected by medication that causes mild sedation and analgesia (pain relief).
    After treatment a two hour period under medical observation in one of the private patient lounges is recommended. A longer stay as an in-patient is not necessary. You will then return to the hotel to relax.
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  • Procedure Herniated Back Disc Treatment

    Kit allows intervention on two discs (one needle and one syringe per disc).

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