Discogel vs Open Back Surgery

  • Discogel vs Open Back Surgery

    Fix My Back Disc

    Intradiscal Microtherapy with DiscoGel Without the necessity of a surgical procedure disc herniations can be treated with a minimally-invasive procedure using DiscoGel.
    DiscoGel modifies the core of the intervertebral disc in such a way that the disc herniation resolves. The treatment is carried out under local anaesthesia. DiscoGel is introduced through a fine needle into the intervertebral disc without the need to open up the spinal canal. The micro-therapy is carried out under the precise guidance afforded by computed tomography. There is no scar formation.
    The procedure takes between 20 and 30 minutes. Afterwards, the patient can go home. A hospital stay and postoperative physiotherapy are not necessary.

    Good to very good results are achieved in over 90 % in patients with simple, acute disc herniations, in more complicated cases it is achieved 80 to 85 % of the time.

    Open Back Surgery In traditional open back surgery, a five- to six-inch incision may be needed in order to see the affected nerve root. In creating such a sizeable incision, a large area of muscle also has to be cut to make an opening of three to five centimeters, leading to back surgery risks of substantial blood loss.

    Complications of back surgery also includes the use of general anesthesia, which depending on your age and overall health, there could be a greater risk of complications. In addition to the invasiveness of the surgery, back surgery side effects that need to be considered are the length of the stay in the hospital, the painful weeks/months of recuperation time, the use of pain medications necessary afterwards, and the time you will have to spend away from your work environment.
    Another important complication after back surgery to consider is the likelihood of scar tissue formation. In many cases, the amount of back surgery scar tissue formation leads to additional spine conditions, which could eventually lead the patient to need another surgical procedure. Unfortunately, there is 60% success rate of full recovery of symptoms with open back surgery due to complications from back surgery.

    Scar tissue formation caused by back surgery can be extremely painful, limit mobility and flexibility, and greatly diminish quality of life. Extensive scar tissue build-up is typically associated with the long incisions and other tissue damage experienced during traditional open-back surgery. While scar tissue itself is typically not painful, excessive formation of scar tissue can trigger pain if it binds or impinges on nerve roots.

    Patients with failed back surgery syndrome live with current medical management practices being focused narrowly on relieving failed back surgery pain. This is a loop in which patients are caught: good pain relief brings the illusion of improved physical ability. But for many patients with failed back surgery, after a brief honeymoon period; pain, spasm, and weakness appear at a low activity level, because although the nerve roots were not damaged directly by the failed back surgeries, the nerves are now encased in a web of scar tissue causing pain and spasm every time there are movements of the spine and legs.
    Contact us now to fix your back with a minimally invasive injectionof Discogel and the Ozone therapy treatment.

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