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    What is the intervention?

    Intervention consists of an injection of jellified ethanol (alcohol) in the salient part of the intervertebral disc which forms hernia. According to the level of the affected rachis injection is made by postero lateral way in the case of a thoracic or lumbar hernias and by a antero lateral way in case of cervical hernias. The gel keeps the alcohol which does not migrate of the disc and the same alcohol causes drainage of hernia. This drainage is performed by water migration from the bag of hernia towards the internal and central part of the disc, and so releases the pressure on the spinal cord or the nervous root. Having raised medullar / radicular compression main pain disappears very fast. During the weeks following the treatment, feelings of discomfort may persist. These disappear generally in 6 consecutive weeks after DISCOGEL® injection. So that the affected zone is more completely treated, inflammatory can be injected at the level of intervertebral junctions in regard to the treated disc. Recovery is quicker for most of patient.

    What kind of anaesthesia is practiced on this type of procedure?

    It is about a light sedation so that the patient remains quiet and is not worried. A local anesthesia is also managed to avoid pain. The patient is tranquilized but remains conscious. Intervention does not call intubations or a general anesthesia and avoids so, potential complications linked to this type of anesthesia.

    What is the rate of transformation of the procedure with DISCOGEL® in a conventional surgery?

    According to the publication only 0.7 % (2/276 patients) requested a posterior surgery.

    What are results with DISCOGEL?

    According to publication in the «Journal of Spinal Disorders and techniques » Oct. 2007 on and a percutaneous treatment of lumbar intervertebral hernia, the rate of results is considered very good or good for 91.4 % (group A: 202/221 patients).
    On patients with complicated hernia which were treated by DISCOGEL® (having a narrow channel, a foraminal hernia, a very painful hernia) belonging to the group B an automated percutaneous discectomy was additionally practiced.
    Patients of group C : DISCOGEL® was associated to a treatment by radio frequency. The hit rate in these two last considered groups as very good or good was respectively from 84 % and to 82 %.

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